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    Most of the UK’s 20 million Christmas trees have nothing religious hanging on them…

    Meaningful Chocolate Tree Decorations are an opportunity  to buy an interactive gift that allows the telling of the Christmas story while making the family Christmas tree a bit more Meaningful .

    Each box contains a beautifully illustrated  copy of the Christmas story, a nativity character sticker set and five Fairtrade chocolate gold discs.

    Once the Christmas story has been shared and the decs completed, they can be hung on the tree as a reminder of the real meaning of Christmas.

    20 boxes per case. We cannot split cases. But you get free delivery.

    That's 100 discs and 100 stickers per box - give everyone a decoration at playgroup or a church service

    On this site you will find free resources and information on where to buy the Meaningful Chocolate Tree Decorations.

    Limited stocks.


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